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So! Ok, well this is the about me bit so I better tell you some interesting things!  I am half Spanish and half Scottish raised in East London. I love London with a passion! It’s the best city in the world (in my humble opinion) And I love that it’s so vibrant and busy, full of people from across the earth. I have a wonderful husband who has the weirdest sense of humour ever, that humour has rubbed off onto my three incredible kids. They are my main source of entertainment in life! Four comedians in one house can be a lot of fun! I am a fine art photographer and my aim is that my images tell a story. That they make the viewer feel something. I put a lot creativity into my personal work but I apply that same creative spirit to the work that I do for you.   I hope you enjoy perusing my space and that my words and images make you feel something, whatever that may be! Another thing I invest my heart in is Jesus so may these images  bless you in some way!

Visit me and you can make enquieries on both my Facebook page :  Images by Lisa Warren and My Instagram


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